About Us

Africa Trade Finance Limited is a financial intermediary incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2014 with its office located in the City of London.

Our Company

We are a non-bank financial institution specialized in international trade.
Africa Trade Finance specialises in syndicated trade loans to banks. We provide a cost-effective platform for raising large amounts of financing at competitive rates.

The borrower enjoys the flexibility of monitoring its borrowing while reaching out to a large and diversified panel of institutional international banks and financiers. The lender benefits from becoming part of a large funding trade facility, investing and diversifying its portfolio with calculated risk and attractive yields. The funding position is short, with periods ranging from 6 months to 1 year, and funding can be renewed with the consent of all parties. The loans are self-liquidating in nature.
Our target is to become your partner for trade arrangements and trade finance solutions.
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Supporting African development is a fundamental element of our financing approach.


Supporting African development is a fundamental element of our financing approach.
ATF supports trade and economic growth by providing additional liquidity to traditional lenders in order to increase their lending capacity on carefully selected projects and consequently provide access to international funding for borrowers.
Trade assets are selected across a variety of sectors in order to maintain an appropriate level of diversification whilst aiming for the strongest impact.
Trade assets involve African imports and exports as well as intra-regional trade along pre-established development criteria.
We believe ATF is an efficient conduit for development agencies, multilaterals and commercial banks to inject liquidity into the African region


ATF is registered in the United Kingdom. As a regulated company, we conduct our business in strict compliance with the United Kingdom rules and regulations.
To comply with GDPR regulations, we follow formal procedures to protect your privacy rights when processing any confidential data.

About Africa Trade Finance